Intro to the Some Work, All Play Philosophy

Coaches David and Megan with their dog Addie.


We are so excited that you are considering running with us! One thing we can guarantee—it will be an adventure. Check out the links at the right for coaching philosophy and how to become a part of the Some Work, All Play team with a one-week trial. See below for the rigorous athlete requirements, you must have 2 of 3, though it's negotiable :)


This list is constantly evolving, but we are very lucky to coach some of the best runners in the sport through SWAP. Current team members include:

  • Megan Roche (4-time national champion, 2016 US Trail Runner of the Year)
  • Clare Gallagher (Leadville 100 champ)
  • Sabrina Little (multiple-time national champion and member of Team USA)
  • Sarah Keyes (US Female Skyrunning Champion for 2016)
  • Michael Barlow (US Male Skyrunning Champion for 2016)
  • Alissa St. Laurent (top-5 at Western States 100)
  • Larisa Dannis (multiple-time national champion, 2nd at Western States 100)
  • Shannon Payne (Mt. Washington Hill Climb winner, 2nd at World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships)
  • Jeanne Cooper (2:35 marathon)
  • Sara Kadlec (Imogine Pass Run champion, 2nd at Power of Four 50k)
  • Amelia Boone (World's Toughest Mudder Champion, 2nd at SOB 100k)
  • Cat Bradley (course record at Rio Del Lago 100 Miler)
  • Zach Ornelas (US 50k champion, US Mountain Running Team member)
  • Scott Trummer (4th at US 50k championship)
  • Ryan Kaiser (3rd at 2016 Hardrock 100)
  • Hillary Allen (international Skyrunning champion)
  • Amy Ruzieki (top-10 US ultrarunner multiple years)
  • Keely Henninger (Transrockies winner, top-10 at North Face, Gorge, and Chuckanut)
  • Nicole Mericle (2nd at OCR World Championships)
  • Emily Gordon (2:39 marathon)
  • Rod Bien (winner of many of the biggest trail races in US)
  • Liza Howard (2nd fastest trail 100 on US soil)
  • Andrew Skurka (National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, 2nd at Leadville 100)
  • Meg Mackensie (South African trail champion, Salomon athlete)
  • Yvonne Naughton (Team Ireland for 24-hour World Championships)
  • Kathryn Drew (qualified for Team Canada IAU World Trail Champs)
  • Jesse Booi (qualified for Team Canada IAU World Trail Champs)
  • Trisha Steidl (multiple-time Olympic Trails qualifier)
  • Rob Bond (3rd at JFK 50 Mile, 5th at US 50 Mile Trail Champs)
  • Mark Tatum (top-10 at Dipsea race, multiple-time 50+ national champion)
  • Asher Henry (16:15 5k, course record at Woodside Ramble)
  • Emily Kraus (CR at Sean O'Brien 50k)
  • Noah Brautigam (CR at North Face Utah 50k, 4th at Power of Four 50k)
  • Laura Tabor (winner of Dirty 30 50k, 2nd at US Marathon Trail Champs)
  • Gavin Coombs (CRs at Table Rock 50k and Pilot Mountain 50 Miler)
  • Jess Gibby (winner of lots of trail races, including Big Basin Marathon)
  • Nicole Meyer (CRs at Pacifica Trail Race, Rodeo Valley Trail Race, and others)
  • Bret Scofield (a top-placing American female at Bay to Breakers road race, 2:55 marathon, 2nd at La Sportiva Table Rock 30k)
  • David Stango (6th at Eastern States 100)
  • April Boultbee (7th fastest 24-hour time in North America)
  • Scott Gall (multiple-time member of US Mountain Running Team)
  • Nancy Thomas (2nd 45+ at US Cross Country Championships, 18:15 5k at age 47)
  • Quincy O'Connor (14:30 5k)
  • Elizabeth Scott (XTERRA Socal Champion)
  • Charlotte Paul (2-time Ironman Champion)
  • Josh Zielinski (winner of Pacific Northwest Ultra Series)
And many more! Plus lots of normal people looking to get faster and have fun.


1. Be Cool.
2. Have Fun.
3. Update your log daily.


1. The coaching is full-service and personalized, with daily training updates, online chats, and advice
2. The coaching is responsive to your needs and your life.
3.  The coaching aims to make you a happy, fulfilled athlete.


1. What you get: personalized planning, discussion, and advice/suggestions
2.  What you pay: $110/month (if this is a hurdle, let me know--people on SWAP pay varying amounts based on their income with some paying none at all, and we never let inability to pay get in the way if we are a good fit. We cannot emphasize this enough: please contact us even if you cannot pay full price)
3. What you’ll have: 1000 units fun and adventure. Guaranteed. Cancel anytime.