About the Coaches

David is the 2016 Way Too Cool 50k winner, the 2012 and 2014 USA Trail 10k National Champion, the 2014 US Sub-Ultra Trail Runner of the Year, a member of the 2014 US Mountain Running Team, the 2015 US Long Distance Mountain Team, and the 2017 US Trail World Champs team. He graduated from Columbia University with honors and received a master's degree and law degree from Duke University with honors.

Megan is the 2016 USATF Trail Runner of the Year at the ultra and sub-ultra distances, the first runner ever to win both awards. She is the course-record holder at the Way Too Cool 50k, a four-time national champion, the North American Mountain Running Champion, and a six-time member of Team USA. She is a fourth-year medical student at Stanford Medical School with expertise and research in running, injuries, and biomechanics.

Our coaching goal is to support people however possible as they balance life and all of its demands. We really just wants to help cool people reach their goals, whatever those goals may be. 

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When they are not coaching, running, or researching, they snarf around with their dog Addie and love to spend time with the SWAP family.