Coaching Philosophy

The best place to start if you are on the fence is the Ultra Runner Podcast interview with Coach David, which goes over coaching philosophy in detail:

And this podcast on Science of Ultra that goes into the details of training methodology:

For a breakdown of training minutae, check out these written interviews conducted with Coach David by SWAP athlete (and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year) Andrew Skurka:


SWAP has had so much success over the years because of our main coaching emphases:

1. We are here for unconditional support, not just running coaching.

2. All we care about is fulfillment, and we don't give a single sh*t about speed or results. Those things are a fun byproduct of enjoying the process of life. Every athlete is "elite" to us, no matter what their pace or distance.
3. Consistency and joyful daily adventures are what lead to long-term health and happiness. We have built up an active online SWAP community that will be even more important than coaching in some cases, since your teammates will become your friends, confidants, and partners-in-crime.
4. Every morning, we ask athletes to center themselves, take a deep breath and say “I will love myself today.” It is so easy to be self-critical, especially in a sport involving race clocks and tight clothing. Yet self-criticism is not a pleasant way to spend the short time we have on Earth.
Look down at that tummy roll, and say, “I love you tummy roll.”
Look at your funny nose, and say, “I love you funny nose.”
Most importantly, love your brain, love your thoughts, and practice mindful self-criticism. Recognize the problem, acknowledge it, and then try to let it drift away. At first it may be hard to love yourself unconditionally, but as with running itself, the more you practice, the better you get.